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Efficient & Easy
Interactive Flat Panel Display
Interactive Flat Panel Display T60
Slim Bezel
Frame Comparison
Thickness Comparison
Infinity Display Make Immersive Visual Experience
4K Anti-glare for better business display
4K Htech Anti-glare and high color gamut make your display more vivid

Anti glare

4K Ultra High Resolution

High contrast

High brightness

High range

Zero gap

Professional sound experience
Multiple sound modes are available for different spaces and placement.
Wall Mounted Sound Effects Mode
Meeting Sound Effects Mode
4K UI Morden/Business Version
Say no to dreary atmosphere, you can have great performance.
Icon batch move/blocks hiding/floating display make your meeting efficient.
Different kinds of themes are available.
Meeting Functions
lnteractive Flat Panel Display
Use for Office meeting & Classroom education
Driver-free Wireless Screen Mirroring
Flexible and Efficient Multi-Screen Interaction
With this function, documents (PPT, Word, Excel), pictures, audio and video files
on mobile phones/ tablets/ laptops can be wirelessly transmitted to screen.
Two-way operation
Four Split View
Allow up to four devices to display simultaneously on split screens,
and you can zoom in one screen and switch screens freely
Smooth Writing
Thanks to optical bonding inside the panel and the pressure- sensitive pen,
you get a smooth and precise writing experience.

± 1.5mm

Writing accuracy

≤ 48ms

Response speed

4K Display Whiteboard

Infrared 0 lamination technology

Intelligent Touch, High Precision Writing
① Multi-gesture recognition        ② Intelligent writing and erasing
③ Zoom, drag and with ease        ④ 20-point touch function
Multi-person writing recognition
and continuous annotation function
Innovative floating annotation icon improve efficiency with one click
Floating annotation icon
Innovative 3 R.G.B laser pens
Support simultaneous use of up to 3 laser pens, and support slides changing, speeding up your meeting.
Meeting tools
One click to call out meeting tools for better meeting experience.

Meeting clock

QR code sharing

Welcome mode

Video Meeting Functions
lnteractive Flat Panel Display
Use for Office meeting & Classroom education
Meeting Mode 1
① Notebook can be connected to IFPD through Type-C
② Wide-angle camera
③ Support laptop charging
Meeting Mode 2
With pre-installed meeting APP, participants can join the meeting
through mobile phones, computers, tablets and other smart devices
Educational Functions
lnteractive Flat Panel Display
Use for Office meeting & Classroom education
Educational Functions Introduction
① Annotations        ② Multi-people whiteboard writing
③ Multimedia play        ④ Compatible with OPS and Windows
Multi-people writing recognition
and continuous annotations
Innovative floating annotation icon improves efficiency with one click
Floating annotation icon
Multimedia interaction
brightens the lessons
Interactive audio and video teaching mode enables students to boost learning efficiency
Support OPS computer module,
which can be expanded to Windows
(OPS computer module is optional and needs to be purchased separately)
Meeting all-in-one
Thinner wall hanger
Meeting remote
Art floor stand
Video meeting equipment