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Monitor  M2000 C

Wide-angle visual field
immersed and smooth

Monitor  M2000 C
Immersive experience
21:9 Bigger and freer
immersive and stunning view
3440 x1440 resolution, 21:9 screen, 178° viewing angle,
the exquisite and photo-realistic graphics, perfectly display the spectacular game scene
Bring players a wider view of the game and facilitate players to deal with combat trends more calmly
The 1.28mm bezel-less design
makes the horizon to be boundless
Bezel-less Design, combined with the screen,
release your boundless vision, redefine a trend of the monitor new generation
allows you to enjoy the endless visual experience
144HZ e-sports level
super high refresh rate , enjoy the game world
In the high-speed environment, e-sports level high refresh rate of 144 HZ per second
makes the transition more smooth reduce delay and choppy animation,
enjoy smooth real-time images, split-second, accounts for the game
The 1Ms fast response
clearer and faster image
The smooth rapid response of 1 Ms, effectively avoid the situation such as
blurred and trailing that cause by the high-speed dynamic images
allows you to easily deal with all kinds of game situation
High Contrast, High Brightness, Low Blue Light
Pleasing to the eye, Healthy eye protection
High static contrast 4000:1, 400 nits ultra high brightness,
high contrast and exquisite rendering a natural light tone transition, clearness and brightness, lifelike and vivid
Low blue light mode can effectively reduce the harmful shortwave blue ray.
Relieving your stress in eyes after a longtime using, improve the efficiency of work and recreation
Professional, vivid, colorful,
pure image quality
Excellently present boundless vision,
meanwhile we have 99% sRGB color gamut, whether professional or entertainment
smooth color transition, vivid picture color details
Accord with golden curvature of human eyes vision
full scene immersive experience
The aspect ratio and super wide curved screen provide a wide view, you can experience the big scene video game world
Monitor  M2000 C
simplify and better
the production, touching details
The sports car concept, powerful strength
Inspiration from Lamborghini
178° ultra wide surrounded
wide horizon of bezel-less design
Ergonomically designed for comfort
Concise floeline back design
360° Design